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Welcome to the GSA Fleet training portal!

Here you will find educational resources that will allow you to stay up to date and informed on GSA Fleet systems and offerings.

The AFV Sustainability Series is a four-part webinar series to educate federal fleet customers on alternative fuel vehicle legislation & mandates, choosing the optimal fleet vehicle, green vehicles on contracts & federal fleet trends, and driving tips and recommendations.

Desktop Workshops are live webinars hosted by GSA Fleet experts to provide customers valuable knowledge on a variety of topics, from new hybrid leasing options to guidance on what to do after an accident. Click on the link below to view our available trainings and register today. New workshops are offered monthly, so be sure to check back often!

You will also find additional training resources on a wide range of driver-safety topics and information on operating, maintaining, and managing your GSA Fleet Vehicle.



AFV Sustainability Series

Part 1: AFV Legislation (video length: 8:54)
A review of AFV-related legislation, and the ways in which GSA Motor Vehicle Management has assisted customers in meeting these mandates.
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Part 2: Optimal Vehicle Choice (video length: 4:41)
An overview of the crucial steps that agencies should take into consideration when acquiring a "green" vehicle.
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Part 3: Alternative Fuel Considerations & Emerging Technologies (video length: 14:32)
A summary of information on all available sources of alternative fuel and current trends in the AFV industry.
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Part 4: Driving Tips and Recommendations
(video length: 5:8)

Driving tips and recommendations to improve your vehicle's fuel economy.
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GSA Fleet Electric Vehicle Training Series 2016

Choosing An Electric Vehicle (video length: 21:55)
A review of electric vehicles available through GSA and considerations for selecting an electric vehicle.
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Operating an Electric Vehicle (video length: 26:06)
An overview of the various features of an electric vehicle, including special maintenance procedures and charging.
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Planning for a Charging Station (video length: 24:40)
A summary of considerations agencies should use to determine what type of electric vehicle charging infrastructure will best meet their needs and how to plan for purchasing and installing a station.
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Installing a Charging Station (video length: 4:44)
An overview of the steps agencies can expect in regards to preparing for, installing, and activating charging stations.
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Using a Charging Station (video length: 10:47)
An overview of steps for refueling an electric vehicle using charging infrastructure.
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Drive-thru Training

CAM (Customer Acquisition Module) (video length: 54:41)
An online method for agencies to request and review their vehicle replacements.

CRASH (video length: 2:30)
Access accident related data for your GSA Fleet vehicles using the Crash module

Customized Inventory Report (video length: 2:33)
Generate your own real time inventory reports for your assigned vehicles using the Reports Carryout Customized Inventory Report tool.

Defensive Driving (video length: 1:04)
Online GSA Fleet driving course

Fleet Card Replacement Ordering (video length: 1:57)
Instructions for ordering replacement fleet cards for your GSA Fleet vehicles

Preventative Maintenance (video length: 1:56)
A How-To guide for reporting completed preventative maintenance for your GSA Fleet vehicles

Driver Safety Training & Resources

External Safety Video Collection

Presentations and Webinars:

Desktop Workshops

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Previous Trainings on Demand:

Vehicle Operator Videos

Full Vehicle Orientation (video length: 16:58)
Covers basic information about operation, maintenance and management of your GSA Fleet vehicle.

Overview (video length: 3:08)
Summary of basic services provided by GSA Fleet.

Day-to-Day Care (video length: 1:21)
Information on GSA Fleet License Plates and your Fleet Service Representative (FSR).

Fleet Services Card (video length: 5:35)
Review of the fleet services card provided with each GSA Fleet vehicle for fuel and minor maintenance services.

Fleet Drive-Thru (video length: 2:01)
How to access vehicle reports and report vehicle mileage.

Maintenance and Accident Management (video length: 3:15)
How to maintain your GSA Fleet vehicle, and procedures for handling accidents and having repairs made.

Short Term Rental (video length: 1:37)
Overview of Short Term Rental Program and requirements for use.